About Us

Deep Furniture Roots

Our products have helped doers like you achieve more workday victories. The bold idea successfully sold to the tough manager happens in our chairs. The click of our file cabinet drawer signals another project well done. Cleaning off the top of our table, just to get it dirty again. Outfit your office space with coordinating pieces that have been put through their paces with our rigorous commercial testing.

Our Values

Our top priority is putting our customer’s needs first. We are focused on building things that are made to last and doing so the right way. Our office furniture solutions can easily meet your personal office needs or scale up for larger spaces. Our offering provides feature-rich, quality furniture products that you can count on.

Work Confidently

Whether the pressure is on, or the rest of the office is gone, we’re right there with you. To help you work smarter, more comfortably and on your terms. HON BASYX was born of HON; we carry the history and experience of HON in our DNA. Our process involves industry testing standards coupled with real people test-driving our products because while machines can mimic repetitive motion, only people can tell us how they expect their office equipment to perform. This provides for workday comfort that keeps you focused on your work and not your seat.

On Your Terms

Knowing that quality and aesthetically pleasing office furniture are not mutually exclusive, we make office furniture that provides both. HON BASYX features coordinating office furniture pieces that allow you to control the style and substance of your space on your own terms. These attractive and versatile products provide you with dependable quality and are backed by our 5-year warranty.